The large heirloom tomatoes that we grow freeze well. However, experience has taught us that they are high in fluid, so we slice them into quarters and remove the pips before we bag them for freezing. We strain the pips off and keep the liquid to make tomato juice.

Tomato juice ~ bring on the vodka!

We do not cook the tomatoes before freezing, but most other vegetables should be blanched before freezing.

It is possible to freeze most vegetables. When it comes to freezing fruit, it is often better to puree it first or to cook it in syrup and freeze in a rigid container to prevent bruising. Many herbs can also be frozen.

You will need a large quantity of ice, which you can make the day before; a large bucket/bowl/sink of iced water; a large pot of boiling water; absorbent paper; freezer bags, wire ties and labels.

  • Pick as early in the morning as possible;
  • Prepare the vegetables the way you would for cooking;
  • Bring water to boil in your large pot – 5 litres for 500 g vegetables;
  • Blanch vegetables in the boiling water;
  • Plunge them into the iced water for the same amount of time ~ this stops the cooking process ~ and shake to cool;
  • Drain well and when completely dry and cool, package, seal, label and freeze immediately.
Once the juice and pips were removed we were able to freeze six kilograms of tomatoes.

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