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Although most modern home alarm controllers can be connected to a telephone dialer or cellphone system in some way this is very often easier said than done, and as a consequence many homeowners never add this convenience and simply rely on their remotes to arm and disarm their systems.

But with the need for ever more sophisticated and integrated alarm systems, effective communication for a neighbourhood watch becomes more necessary.

Now, with the Olarm App, you can arm and disarm your alarm system, activate stay or sleep modes, bypass a faulty zone, view live what sensors are active, on just about any alarm system. And, more importantly, you can send notifications to multiple users on one platform and more ~ right from your phone. 

The Olarm Multi-Network Communicator seamlessly integrates with the most reputable alarm brands in the world.

An all-in-one personal and home security companion, Olarm is described as a reliable – ready-to-go – smart security app from which you can:

·         Control your alarm system from your phone.

·         Directly connect with your alarm to arm/disarm and bypass zones.

·         Receive all events from your alarm system.

More control means more security.

Olarm connects to your panel instantly, and auto-configures itself to your existing alarm panel within minutes.

Effectively, this means your entire alarm is in your pocket so you never miss a thing, and you can reduce false alarms, bypass those problematic zones that drive you and the neighbours mad, and push notifications sent instantly to your phone as things happen.

Olarm offers double stability with dual sim connectivity via MTN and Vodacom networks, with its own always-connected GSM uplink.

As a special offer to readers, Olarm costs a once-off fee of R999 and a monthly charge of R120 for uninterrupted data connection.

For more information: Tania Becker, OctoSafe, cell 076  028 0229 or email

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