Now that you have kitted your workshop out with the best tools for your needs, some final safety checks you need to do:

Electrical shocks

  • Conduct regular inspections for exposed wires
  • Ensure distribution boards are secured

Tripping hazards

  • Don’t leave things on the floor
  • Make sure floor boards, floor coverings are securely fitted
  • Make sure your workshop floor is level
  • Clean up any spills

Fire hazards

  • You must have a fire extinguisher, and it must be regularly serviced
  • Store flammable items, especially liquids, securely and away from tools that create sparks, like welding machines


A well-lit work bench is good.
  • Ensure adequate lighting

Hazardous substances

  • Store chemicals in secure containers
  • Do not store chemicals in other containers, such as 2l drinks bottle
  • Adequately mark your containers to ensure no cross-contamination
  • Use a mask and protective gloves when handling chemicals
  • These apply for fuel as well (petrol, diesel, paraffin)

Finally, cleaning your workshop is crucial. It is tedious, but will help in prolonging the life of your machines, and yourself. Moving parts in your machinery can get clogged up with dust and old wood shavings, keeping your work space clean will help prevent this. Your lungs will also thank you.

This is part five in a series In the Workshop: Tools & machinery. For more, click here.

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