If you are looking for a handsome, indigenous breed of chicken look no further than the Potch Koekoek.

The breed was developed at Potchefstroom Agricultural College in the 1960s, through cross breeding with Black Australorp, White Leghorn and Barred Plymouth Rock breeds, in order to create a breed that is suited to South African conditions.

The name Koekoek refers to the barred colour pattern of the birds

The male Potch Koekoek weighs 2.4 kg at 20 weeks, the female weighs 1.7 kg kg at 20 weeks and they reach sexual maturity in 130 days.

They are hardy and quite disease resistant.

The eggs are pale brown, with the average egg weighing 55.7 g.

They love to forage but will accept confinement happily. They are excellent to stock in paddocks, orchards, stables and kraals to keep flies and ticks at bay.

They adapt well to human contact.Potch Koekoek hens

The Potch Koekoek is one of the most popular indigenous breeds in South Africa.

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  1. I have a few of Potch Koekoek and would like to increase the number as I want to farm with them as I realized they are a good breed. Where can I get a week old.

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