South African Landrace pigs are a popular breed in South Africa for beginner farmers.

During the 1950s Landrace pigs were imported by South African pig breeders from Holland, Germany and Sweden. Through various breeding and genetic improvement programmes local pig stud herds responded so well and made such remarkable progress that the breed became known as the South African Landrace.

The Landrace is a particularly long bodied, lop eared white pig, with light forequarters ande a well-defined meaty back with large hams. They are also popular because they are docile and easy to handle.

The Landrace is a white haired, pink skinned pig. A limited number of blue spots from which hair grow is permissible.

The head should appear small and light in relation to the body, long snouted and free of jowl. Ears are long and lopped forward. More recently a medium length of ear is preferred. This allows the animal more vision when moving and less encumbrance at feeding. Ears must not be erect. The neck is long and slender, flowing into neatly angled shoulders.

They have a long back, with a very slight arch for strength. The hindquarter tend to be higher than the forequarters. When viewed from above it should have a medium to wide breadth of back, with a well-defined eye muscle running through full loins into large rounded hams.

Ham development

Landrace pigs are renowned for ham development, more so than most of the other breeds. The hams are full, tending to roundness and deeply formed into the hocks. However, they must not hinder the animal’s walking ability by being too large or overly muscled.

Landrace sow
The sows are known for their mothering abilities.

The Landrace sow is well known for her femininity and fertility. Because the Landrace has superior mothering ability, it is essential to have at least seven functional and evenly spaced teats on either side of the sow.

South African Landrace sows consistently produce large litters over their lifetime.

Information from Pig Breeders SA.

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