Today we celebrate World Egg Day! This year, the egg industry’s global campaign will focus on the brilliant versatility of the egg and its vast variety of benefits to people at every age and stage of life.

Eggs offer a relatively affordable and sustainable solution to help overcome the serious challenges of malnutrition. Eggs are there for us throughout our lives.

Before Birth

Proteins are the building blocks of life and it’s never too soon to benefit from the positive power of eggs. Full of essential nutrients, eggs contribute to healthy foetal development. This is an important message to convey to prospective parents to ensure each unborn child has the very best possible start in life – no matter where they are, or into what circumstances they are born.World egg day 2021

The growing child and teenager

A high quality source of protein is vital while a child is growing up. Every cell in the human body contains protein which we need in our diets to generate new cells. Packed full of goodness, eggs provide a complete food solution that supports healthy brain development in young children and improves concentration levels at school.

Into adulthood, eggs remain an essential dietary partner. Not only do eggs build protein and repair tissue, they are also essential for making enzymes and hormones. Having an egg rich diet can also help you stay feeling fuller for longer and be an important ally in effective weight management.

Mature and elderly adults

Essential for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood, egg protein helps to repair body tissue as we grow older. During the later years, eggs continue to deliver substantial benefits. Older people can significantly improve their health by increasing their egg consumption.

World egg day 2021

The egg farmer

The egg industry is a significant source of income for rural populations around the world. In low and middle-income countries, women represent a large proportion of egg farmers and rely on their farms to feed their children.

Images: International Egg Commission

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