The South African Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) is calling on all to participate in the Ten Million Trees Programme.

This programme is a national call from the presidency with the aim of attaining environmental sustainability and protection, and to realise socioeconomic benefits for South Africans.

DFFE is appealing to corporate organisations, government organizations, non-governmental and community based organisations, educational institutions and individuals to take part in planting ten million trees. The programme will be implemented over five years.

Why Should You Get involved?

DFFE is asking all South African organisations and individuals to:

  • Plant trees in honour of loved ones;
  • Mark important events in your communities by planting trees;
  • Celebrate milestones or a win by planting a tree;
  • Use trees to help to fight the effects of climate change;
  • Plant trees to beautify your homes, towns or cities;
  • Fight food insecurity in your areas through trees;
  • Protect the environment and promote biodiversity conservation by planting trees;
  • Plant trees in honour of future generations.

SA Smallholder has written often about how trees produce oxygen and clean the air by trapping dust, pollen and other pollutants. They provide shade for us and our livestock. They also provide shelter from the wind for our crops and our livestock. Sometimes they provide food for humans and our animals.

And we should never underestimate their effect on our emotions and stress levels. They help us to relax, lower heart rates and reduce anxiety.

Trees to Plant

ten million trees programme
Fruit trees are welcome additions on smallholdings.

Choose a tree that suits the climate and environment where it is going to be planted. Take advice from staff at your local nursery or do some research.

It would be good if you choose an indigenous tree, but you may also want to plant fruit trees.

If you have not planted a tree before, click here to find out how.

How to participate in the Ten Million Tree Programme

  • Go to the DFFE website
  • Download the Ten Million Trees Programme Entry Form.
  • Plant your commemorative tree/trees and take a picture/s.
  • Fill in the entry form and email it with your picture/s to or submit your entry form and pictures at DFFE, 110 Hamilton Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0001.

Participants will be rewarded with a certificate by the Department, which indicates their contribution towards a greener South Africa

Other Ways to Plant Trees

You might not want to become involved in DFFE’s programme, but still care about our environment. You can make donations to local organisations which will buy trees and plant them or support reforestation or which will be use trees in other forms of greening our land. Here are some organisations which make this easy to do:

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