Keeping ducks and geese on a plot can provide a number of benefits to your property.

  • They are hardy birds that can live for up to seven years.
  • They lay eggs that you can eat, just like chicken eggs.
  • They provide meat.
  • They are easy to contain.
  • They aren’t as prone to infectious diseases as chickens.
  • They eat slugs, worms and any other small creatures that they can catch.
  • Their basic requirements are simple. All they need is water, food and a safe place to spend the night.
  • And of course it’s nice to have them waddling around making happy quacks.

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1 thought on “Keeping Ducks And Geese On A Plot

  1. How much are you supposed to feed a duck a day? We feed pellets and greens but they always seem to be looking for food. Then we put more out and they don’t eat it.

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