With good rains over the weekend, and more forecast for the rest of the week, we can officially declare the 2022 rainy season to be the wettest in the past 22 years ~ at least on our smallholding in Eastern Gauteng.

By this morning we have measured a total of 1060mm of rainfall since the start of the rainy season in September, a fraction more than the previous record of 1058mm we measured in 2017 and more than any year since we started recording rainfall figures in the 1999-2000 rainy season.

Looking at the rainfall totals for the past 22 years it becomes clear that Eastern Gauteng (if measured by figures on our plot can be used as an example) is becoming wetter year by year. A trendline of the totals over the entire two decades reveals that we receive an average of 200mm more rain per year nowadays than we did at the turn of the century.

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