There’s no need to blast paint off the walls of stables, broiler houses or piggeries when attempting to ensure they are adequately disinfected.

That’s because an easy-to-use spray gun system named Sagewash™ uses no greater water pressure than that emitted by a standard hosepipe (3bar to 5bar) to apply a premixed sprayed solution of effective chlorine-based disinfectant.

The Sagewash™ spray gun looks similar to the familiar high-pressure detergent jet systems that come standard with sets of compressor accessories, in that it incorporates a canister of disinfectant chemicals which mix with the passing water flow at a predetermined, constant rate.

The disinfectant chemical itself is calcium hypochlorite, provided in a solid cylindrical tablet form.

When in contact with water a solution of hypochlorous (not the infinitely more corrosive hydrochloric) acid is produced. And it is this that, when in contact with a surface to be disinfected, releases chlorine, a commonly-used water-based disinfectant (think swimming pool chemicals).

A benefit of the Sagewash™ system is that one does not need to flush out spent disinfectant after application (as one would with, for example, an old-fashioned carbolic acid (Jeyes Fluid) wash).

After a time in contact with the affected surface the chlorine dissipates with little polluting effect and as the disinfectant solution dries the remaining chemical will be traces of calcium, which is harmless and found naturally in the environment.

The Sagewash™ system can be used to great effect not only in animal housing where high-levels of cleanliness are required, but also in food processing, transport and preparation areas, schools, sports facilities, residential complexes etc.

It is also effective in controlling algae and, because it is safe to use around plants, lawns etc, can effectively be used to ensure that paving, pathways etc are kept free of algae, and thus slip-resistant to walkers.

Apart from the fact that it has been tested and certified by bodies such as the SA Bureau of Standards and European equivalents, the Sagewash™ system has proved easy-to-use, and thus popular with those whose job it is to do the work. Thus, anecdotally, Sagewash™ buyers have found that their workers are likely to carry out their disinfecting tasks more frequently, because of the ease of use.

A complete kit, including the spray gun and eight tablets, sells or R5 700. This is sufficient to generate 12 000 litres of disinfectant spray. Once you have the spray gun, you only need to order additional tablets when required. A bucket of eight tablets sells for R1 850.

For more information click or call Gary Worthington on 082 808 2101.

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