In line with Intellectual Disability Awareness Month, Little Eden of Bapsfontein, Gauteng has launched its 6th annual Little Eden Society CEO Wheelchair Campaign. The society aims to raise awareness and compassion about the challenges experienced daily by those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility.

Little Eden Society is home to 300, mostly previously abandoned, children and adults with profound intellectual disability.

CEO of Little Eden, Xelda Rohrbeck, who also spent her workday in a wheelchair has said that the organisation hoped to reach its target of R1.5 million through this initiative which will go towards the care of 300 residents at the Home.

The Objective

Recruit CEOs to sign up and spend a day at work or home office in a wheelchair during the month of March and make a financial donation of R55 000 (Big companies)/ R35 000 (SMEs) to Little Eden.

Participants who are unable to spend a work day in a wheelchair may support the campaign through a financial donation and advocacy.

CEOs can challenge other CEOs to participate in the campaign.

CEOs are invited to share their experience and provide actions and or suggestions on what their organisation can do to be more inclusive of those relying on mobility devices and with profound intellectual disability.

How To Participate

Contact Nadine Mason – Donate R55 000 (R35 000 for smaller enterprises) to Little Eden Society. Challenge another CEO or business leader to participate. Share a write-up about your day-in-the-wheelchair with pictures or videos to be published on Little Eden Society’s social media pages and website. Participating companies will gain valuable tax and BBBEE benefits and additionally will make a lasting contribution to improving the lives of one of the most vulnerable members of society – children and adults with profound intellectual disability.

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