In a move that will prove a boon to small producers a new initiative named Farm to Fork Living SA aims to bring growers and consumers into direct contact. It will do so via the power of the internet, and at no cost to either growers or buyers.

This, says co-founder Sophia Bornman, will help small-scale farmers and backyard growers to “make some money and prevent wastage.”

Still in its infancy, Farm to Fork Living SA will focus initially on its Facebook page. It hopes to build a database of farmers’ markets, roadside stalls etc countrywide, at which people can buy fresh produce.

Yellow Pages

Farm to Fork Living SA is also working on a website where they will host this information, “much like the Yellow Pages in the old days,” says Bornman.

To begin with, however, “we basically just need growers to tell us what they have available, where they’re selling it from, and for how much. They can send us a message on our Facebook page Farm to Fork Living SA and we will take it from there. The only prerequisite is that they grow it themselves.”


She adds: “There is a massive self-sustainability movement happening and people are fed-up. Cutting out the middle-man is a must.”

She acknowledges that one of the perennial problems facing smallholders and enthusiastic vegetable growers is their inevitable overproduction of seasonal produce. There is often too much for their own consumption, yet too little to sell commercially, and only for a short period.

Surplus produce

This results in the grower either palming off the surplus on friends (who in time will come to dread the generous donation of yet-another cabbage), or in the surplus simply going to waste.

Since announcing her movement recently on various Facebook self-sustainability groups Bornman has been inundated with messages of support. She adds “I am sure there are many of your readers who will be able to make use of Farm to Fork Living SA.”

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