Later this year we plan to publish a second edition of our popular 2014 book, the Smallholder’s Companion. The first edition, published in 2014 is now out of print.

The new edition will be radically unlike its predecessor.

Here are some of the differences:

  • It will not be published in printed form, but will be available as an e-book. This will make it possible to publish it in full colour, while still at reasonable cost. (Depending on cost we may print a few copies on a “print on demand” basis.)
  • The first edition contained advertising and a buyer’s guide. We’re still deciding whether to accept adverts. However, the new edition won’t have a buyer’s guide. That’s because it becomes out of date as soon as it is published.
  • We are also looking at the possibility of selling individual chapters. This will prove a cost-effective alternative to buying the whole book. Thus, if you only want to know about septic tanks, for example, you won’t need to pay for the chapters on hydroponics or tractors. And you will be able to buy single chapters as and when you need them.

Expanded contents

Most importantly, however, the content of the new edition will be enhanced, modernised and expanded. There are clearly new subjects which have become important and of concern to today’s smallholders.

These include (but are not limited to) self-sufficiency, alternative energy, and mitigating against climate change, to name a few as examples.

The full contents of the original 2014 work is available on our website. We invite you to email us your suggestions for subjects that you would like covered in the new second edition.

Simply email us at

And keep updated on the progress and publication date of the e-book by visiting this site regularly.

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