With money tight after nearly two years of Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions, many people will be looking to give each other smaller, but practical, presents this Christmas, rather than spending on frivolities. What, therefore, can one give a handy man who lives on a smallholding, and who probably has a good selection of tools already with which he does the DIY tasks around his plot?

Fortunately, technology and innovation have come to the rescue. On the one hand, the number of options in the field of cordless, rechargeable power tools, and their efficiency, has increased almost logarithmically over recent years.

New ranges from new manufacturers, and new models from established names, are available and these will surely find good use in a handyman’s toolkit as he (or she) looks to move away from the inconvenience of old-fashioned corded tools. But, on the other hand, new tools and accessories are being designed and brought to market that will also find plenty of use among handymen who may not yet have been exposed to such innovations.

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