So you know about baby marrows….

This is what they should look like.








Get busy and don’t get around to picking them, this is what they look like!

So that’s why we had to do some quick (not baby) marrow freezing this weekend. And while we were at it we did some beans as well.

Talking of which, we’ve developed a new hack. As we have written about often, one blanches the veg in boiling water for a few minutes, and then plunges it into iced water. However, instead of preparing our iced water with trays of ice cubes, we are now using frozen ice bricks, which work just as well and we are saving a little water.

In case you haven’t seen our previous blogs on freezing vegetables, you will need a large quantity of ice, which you can make the day before (or a few ice bricks); a large bucket/bowl/sink of iced water; a large pot of boiling water; absorbent paper; freezer bags, wire ties and labels.

Pick your produce as early in the morning as possible. Prepare the vegetables the way you would for cooking – you do not need to peel them. The smaller ones can be left whole, just cut off the ends, but the larger ones will be chopped into cubes.

Bring water to boil in your large pot – 5 litres for 500 g vegetables. Blanch the marrows in batches in the boiling water for two to three minutes.

Plunge them into the iced water for the same amount of time and shake to cool.

Drain well and when completely dry and cool, pour into freezer bags in the amount that you will use at one serving. Seal, label and freeze immediately.


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